what i’m up to

When I’m not dancing or using my creative brain power to design, I am either reading, sleeping, or sharing my experiences as a human being to other creative and intelligent minds. Well, take a look at what I’m up to next.


Workshop: Speak and Groove

We are constantly conversing and talking every day, yet public speaking is one of the top most feared things people will never do. A question you may ask too is, “When will I ever speak in public?” My answer is, everyday! We are all public speaking every day, with our friends, family, at work, and gatherings. Public speaking is more than just about being on stage, but how to be confident in ourselves when we speak to engage our listeners.


Tuesday, November 5th, 6-7pm
Tuesday, November 12th, 6-7pm
Tuesday, November 19th, 6-7pm
Tuesday, November 26th, 6-7pm

Location: Tapestry Restaurant

394 University Avenue West, Saint Paul, MN 55103